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●About the method of payment
Q1.What kind of payment method do you have?
A1.You can pay by Paypal.

●About Shipping information
Q2.How long does it take for the delivery?
A2.We ship the products as soon as possible after receiving the order. Maximum shipping date is 10 working days. In case the shipping date is delayed, we will inform you via email.
We send you trucking number after we complete the shipment. Please check the delivery status at forwarders website.

Q3.Where will you send the products from?
A3.We will send all of the products from Japan, where our office is located.

●About My Account
Q4.Do I need to set up my own account?
A4.No, you don't need to. You can make orders without setting up your own account.

●About the product
Q5.Can an electrical item be used in my country?
A5.We are sending to too many different countries to be able to answer this exactly. You know the best about the electrical standards in your country. Please read the product description carefully, including, if applicable, where we write about voltage. Battery-powered items are a safe bet. For other products you might need a transformer or adapter.

Q6. How can I order when item status indicates “0” qty?
A6. Please contact us via email.
We will inform you as soon as we confirm lead time.
Regarding short item is due to high demand & product manuacturing schedule, sometimes products may not always be available.

Q7. About Warranties.
A7. In some cases, you may be able to access the warranty information from the product's detail page on respective Manufacture or Maker.
After the applicable return period has expired, your item might still be eligible for exchange or repair under the manufacturer's warranty. To determine if your item is eligible for a warranty return, review the paperwork that came with the merchandise or contact the Manufacturer or Maker. Please note, that in order for an item to be eligible for warranty coverage, many Manufacturers or Maker require the item to be purchased from an authorized dealer. AlfaMirage may not be an authorized dealer for all items we sell. If you are in doubt, you can confirm that an authorized dealer by contacting with the Manufacturer or Maker.

Q8. About Limitation on Liability
A8. Under no circumstances shall Alfa Mirage be liable for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred with respect to any defective product. In no event shall Alfa Mirage be liable for any incidental or consequential damages that you may suffer directly or indirectly from use of any product.