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This product is currently not available because of Stock-out,
Built-to-order, or Have dealer sales network.
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item code: 801-481

Model = GT-3S
Consumption = 1kW
Maximum Temperatures = 1000℃
Heater = Three-sides Heater
Furnace Inner Dimensions = W160 x H52 x D200 mm
Dimensions = 310 x 350 x 340 mm
Weight = 10 kg
Power = 100V / 230V (select when order)

Shirota has been producing Furnace for more than 80 years. They are used for Cloisonne enamel, Glass, Lost wax, Silver cray and various experiments. It has dial type temperature controller, and digital temperature control (1 ℃ unit), and can keep stable temperatures.
Made in Japan

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